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Car Buying

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Our service and how it can save you money:

Automunda.com is an independent auto brokerage and is not associated with any dealership or manufacturer. We can obtain new or used cars from almost any manufacturer. Our allegiance is strictly with you, the purchaser. We solicit our network of dealers for the car that best matches your requirement and use our SPOTPRICE bidding system to obtain rock bottom prices often resulting in 20-30% savings for our customer.

1. International Supervision and Monitoring: Automunda.com offices and people on both sides of the Atlantic ensure quality of service and 100% customer satisfaction. Your order is processed using leading edge technology from salesforce.com. Automatic workflow help monitor the progress from your purchase until safe arrival of the vehicle to your home. 30 point checklist!

2. Vehicle History. First we research the vehicle history and records. This will alert us to any past problems like accidents, if the vehicle has been stolen, had odometer rollback, used as a rental vehicle, been in a storm or flood area and other similar problems that could result in problems for you later or affect the future resale value of your vehicle.

3. Inspection and Test Drive. Our detailed auto inspection report includes the condition of body and paint, dents, scratches, rust, tires and wheels, glass, interior, missing parts, oil leaks, electrical items, and drive train performance. The 150 point inspection report is normally supported with photographs showing you complete details on the vehicle prior to completing the purchase.

4. Specialized Auto Carriers. Your car ships using only well established auto carriers and is fully insured all the way. For additional safety the car documents and Title is sent seperately by overnight courrier for registration processing and customs clearance which is required if the vehicle is being exported.

5. 100% Insured. No risk shipping! Your vehicle is fully insured against any kind of transport or shipping damages. Should there be any need for repairs or vehicle replacement this is done without any cost to yourself.

6. Warranty. In many countries a new car purchased through Automunda.com comes with the Autoward Service Card. Autowards provides a two year warranty in many countries on new cars and one year warranty on used cars. Often the warranty can be extended to 5 years for a small additional fee.

7. Help selling your old car – No Fees! Save money by selling your old car direct without paying dealer fees. We provide our customers with free advertising on the islandus.com website and in some countries additional low cost advertising is also available in newspapers. Interested buyers then contact you directly.