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About Us

Success built on rock solid foundations

Automunda.com is operated by Islandus Europe ehf, a subsidiary of Alftaborgir ehf, originally a family business founded as wholesale distributors of consumer products in Iceland in 1976. Now some 30 years after modest roots in Iceland, Alftaborgir ehf is a successful and debt free international company with presence in the USA and Europe, operating on a rock solid foundation and financed by the company own capital reserves.

Our services

Automunda.com is an independent auto brokerage specialising in new and pre-owned automobiles from all major manufacturers at huge savings. We have assisted thousands of satisfied customers purchase new and used automobiles often 20-30% under regular prices and provided a secure buying and delivery experience with fully insured shipping to international destinations around the world

EH Harms BremerhavenTrusted Service Partners: Our service partners are carefully selected from amongst leading suppliers in their respective fields for pre-purchase inspection, auto transport, ocean shipping, insurance and after sale services. For example every islandus.com vehicle shipped to Germany goes through the ISO certified E.H.Harms facility in Bremerhaven who also look after more than 2 million vehicles each year for dealer networks of major motor manufacturers.

Using new technology to lower costs

Automunda.com uses the latest technology to automate the buying and selling process resulting in substantially lower operating expenses than traditional automobile dealerships. The savings are passed on to our customers through rock bottom pricing of new and pre-owned vehicles.

Our mission

We take extreme pride in our customer service and belive that good news spread fast and bad news even faster. Automunda.com has supplied thousands of cars to satisifed customers in Europe. Our customer support centres in the USA and Europe are at your disposal through live-chat or by telephone almost 24 hours a day.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to global issues. Islandus.com is the proud sponsor of Peace 2000 Earthchild, helping raise funds for peace initiatives and humanitarian work.



Accountant: Kristinn Jonsson, Endurskodendathjonustan ehf, Reykjavik, Iceland. Tel: +354-5806800
General Banking: Kaupthing Bank, Reykjavik. www.kaupthing.is - BankReference – Kaupthing PDF
Investment Banking: Landsbanki, Reykjavik. www.landsbanki.is - Landsbanki_Reference.pdf
Credit Card Processing: Korta, Reykjavik. www.korta.is  -  Visa-Mastercard Reference – Korta PDF 

Mailing Address: Islandus Europe ehf, Skipholt 50d, 105 Reykjavik, ICELAND.  www.islandus.com